The Hot Box Amsterdam 4/20,

The 1st Annual 4:20 Hot Box Amsterdam event brings you the dopest hip-hop music in honor of our stoner holiday 4/20.The event kicks off with the release of The Hot Box T.V. Show, a new talk show interviewing cannabis friendly celebrities, experts and influencers.

The Hot Box is the only event taking place in the city bringing Amsterdam together for the first major 4/20 party experience. The Box will be packed with Amsterdam’s premiere brands, live music & entertainment, DJs, food, and munchies. Our evening will start with the Social Cup’s award ceremony and will than continue on with the the music performances & 420 Vibes ‘til 4:20am

Presented by Prix d’Ami & The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company
Our 420 lineup: Freeway, Adje & Hef, Lord Digga Da Highsman, Mario Cash, Matarr, Watts, Mc Sof & Dr Ketamer

An Elite Fleet & The Hot Box TV Show Event, Powered by KML & Suver Nuver